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Ty Glaser
Stage and Screen Actress Ty Glaser, best known as Dr. Gemma Wilde in the BBC drama Holby City, is a Mencap Ambassador and is participating in the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon in 2016 for Mencap in Northern Ireland. Here, Ty tells of her inspirations in taking part, most notably her sister, Esme.

I became an ambassador for Mencap in 2013. Growing up alongside my sister Esme, who has Downs Syndrome, has made me realise that the facilities and support people with learning disabilities may need to live a full and independent life are not always available or easy to come by for them or their families.

I love the energy of taking part in exercise. The more energy I put in to staying active the more energy I get out. If I stopped exercising I feel my general health would deteriorate and eventually I would melt into my sofa and never be able to leave the house again!

At the gym, I listen to all sorts of music. Some of my top tracks are The Letter by Joe Cocker, anything by Camille, some old school Reef or Creed – and sometimes whatever pop they play at the gym!

To those considering taking part in the marathon in 2016, whether it be the full marathon, the half marathon, the walk, the fun run, the relay or the wheelchair marathon, I say good luck and make sure you train responsibly.

I caused myself an injury last year when I went running – make sure you have the correct supportive trainers fitted for you and follow a respected training programme so you don’t push yourself to hard too soon.

Try and get the word out about your participation through social media!

Fill out an Everyday Hero page and reserve some of your energies for spending a little time online each evening to make sure all your friends and family, and all their friends and family know what you’re up to and why it is so important to raise money for Mencap.

Mencap’s work can be life-changing for these people that want to, and deserve be able to, enrich the society they live in. I hope that through being an ambassador I will be able to help Mencap continue with this vital work.
I’d like to say the hugest thank you to everyone who has given to the fund to date.
To anyone who is thinking of fundraising for Mencap, please, go for it! Your help and dedication will be appreciated by so many people who will benefit directly and indirectly from the new Children & Families’ Centre.

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Esme Websper, sister of Mencap Ambassador Ty Glaser, reveals her experiences with Mencap and tells how she’s living an independent lifestyle in this questions and answers session:

Q. Why are you involved with Mencap?
A. They helped me find my house that I live in and they provide living support.

Q. Why is the work of Mencap important?
A. Because it helps people like me.

Q. What inspires you to stay active?
A. To feel good about myself.

Q. What sort of music do you listen to when you train/exercise?
A. All kinds of music.

Q. What would you say to anyone considering taking on the Belfast City Marathon, Half Marathon or Fun Run?
A. You’ll be a champion.

Q. What advice or inspiration would you give anyone taking on a fundraising fitness challenge?
A. It will be really worth it!

#StepUp4Mencap and Sign up for 2017 Belfast City Marathon
Marathon Run

The Full 26.2 mile marathon challenge.

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Wheel Chair Marathon

The wheelchair race commences one minute before the main marathon event. The Marathon Organisers, working with DSNI and Disability Action have developed the route suitable for wheel chair users.

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Team Relay Challeng

This challenge is for teams of 2-5 people, running the same course as the Main Marathon Race.

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8 Mile Walk

For those who think the marathon is a bit of a stretch, but who want to put their fitness to the test, try out the marathon walk – you’ll never walk alone!

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Fun Run for Adults

There’s always been a great sense of fun and community at the Belfast City Marathon and the Fun Run is an awesome way to catch the vibe – silly costumes are not compulsory, but they really do help!

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Fun Run for Children

There’s always been a great sense of fun and community at the Belfast City Marathon and the Fun Run is an awesome way to catch the vibe – silly costumes are not compulsory, but they really do help!

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